This Is Where I Grow in 2018
2018 at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk Summarised

There is more to the Stadion Energa Gdańsk than organising football related events and games. We also carry out a CSR policy. In its framework we organise health-promoting programs encouraging development and an active lifestyle.

In 2018 as many as 41,000 participants benefitted from the Stadium's social offer. 167 free sports trainings were organised at the amber arena,  many of them within the programs EKSTRA FAC and EKSTRA FAN Ladies. Both were aimed at overweight individuals aged 35-60. The programs were organised in collaboration with the Gdansk Centre for Health Promotion, ERGO ARENA and sports clubs: Lechia Gdansk, Wybrzeze Gdansk, Trefl Gdansk and Trefl Sopot. The programs covered classes with dieticians, physiologists, doctors, experts in physical exercise and nutrition, as well as exercise and training with professional sports coaches. In 2018 participants of our programs managed to lose 386 kilos in all. The amber arena was also home to the cyclical event Biegam Bo Lubię and free roller blading workshops.

In the summer there was a family festival "Summer Start" ( The Stadium and its partners organised sports entertainment, contests and surprises for children. For several hours the Stadium turned into the land of games. Entry was free of charge. The event was more than great entertainment. It also promoted a healthy and active lifestyle for families.

As the school year started we launched the new edition of Entrepreneurship Lessons (Lekcje Przedsiębiorczości) organised by the Inspiring Examples Foundation (Fundacja Inspirująe Przykłady)  ( As part of the program the Stadium hosted young people from high schools from outside Tricity. The goal of this project is to shape skills and offer young people access to verified information and practical expertise. Pupils could also participate in a tour of the Stadium. Moreover, in 2018, the amber stadium was home to classes for students of the Gdansk School of Physical Education and the Gdansk University.

258 individuals took part in educational events organised in 2018.

In May we had the Charitable Run for Little Artur and the Polish National Flag Day. Participants could choose from 3 distances. There was a 200 metre track for children. Adults could participate in the event after paying a fee. The income was forwarded to the rehabilitation account of little Artur Rosa who is struggling with a serious health condition.

The same month we also had "Challenge the Coach, Help a Kid". 5 personal trainers accepted the challenge. Challenges they had to face got harder (running, exercises) with every zloty incoming to the fundraiser. The goal of the event was to buy necessary medical equipment for the rev. E. Dutkiewicz Children's Home Hospice of the Hospice Foundation. Just 6 days later we hosted another important events -  a charitable football game Pass it On (#PodajDalej) ( A team of the Polish Television played against Friends of the Hospice. On the pitch there were Wojciech Grzyb, Tomas Dawidowski and other sportsmen and celebrities. All funds acquired that day were passed on to the Foundation Pomeranian Hospice for Children.

In November we hosted the Chefs' Dinner organised as part of the program "Cooking With Heart" ( Eleven culinary masters served their original recipes. The event was also honoured by charitable auctions. The complete income was passed on to the "Przemek dzieciom" Foundation ("Przemek for kids").

In winter we hosted a Charitable Ball where we raised 70,000 zlotys ( The whole amount was passed on to support the plan to reactivate the preschool of the St. Anne and Joachim Church in Gdańsk Letnica. The Stadium also participated in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - a 10 seat VIP box and a piece of the Stadium's polycarbonate cover were auctioned  ( Moreover, the amber arena took part in the The Gdańsk Pack (Gdańska Paczka).