The new advertising space will shine in October
Soon the Stadion Energa Gdańsk will shine with a thousand of additional lights. The assembly of installations based on LED technology has been launched. Thanks to them, the advertising possibilities of the object will increase significantly.

The Stadion Energa Gdańsk will be lit up with the spectacular LED lights, which provide additional and attractive advertising space. The length of the installation hanged between upper and lower part of the yellow platform will be 184 meters, with a maximum power of approx. 128 kilowatts. There will be 10 thousand RGB diodes per 1 square meter, located every 10 mm. This technology allows to display both boards and animations in colour.

It is also planned to mount six LED boards in strategic places of the object: over the entrances to secretary office, Prestige Zone and FUN ARENA as well as in the area of Lechia New Balance Fan Store. The monitors will have a great resolution of 62 500 pixels, which guarantees very high quality of displayed animations.

New advertising spaces will significantly increase the earning potential both for the Stadium operator and for Lechia Gdańsk, which will use the technology at league matches.

The works will be completed later this month. The value of the investment is approx. PLN 1 700 000 nett. The ordering party is the Arena Gdańsk company, which was responsible for the construction of the object and currently performs owner’s supervision on behalf of the City of Gdańsk.