Gigantic playground at Stadium Energa Gdansk

One of the largest playground for children in all ages was created at the Energa Gdansk Stadium. PLAYGROUND ARENA is a space combining entertainment with educational values. If your child likes to spend time actively and creatively, be sure to take them to this Gdansk’s center of attractions.

What will you find at PLAYGROUND ARENA? Various excercise tracks supporting motor development of toddlers, routes adapted to the age and physiacal level of children, toys which encourage kids to be independent, teach them to think logical and to cooperate with peers. In PLAYGROUND ARENA you can organize your children’s birthday party and provide them with an outstanding entertainment.

- While designing PLAYGROUND ARENA we wanted to create a unique space in which children will find attraction combining both learning and funsaid Paulina Drozdowicz, owner of the playground. – In specially prepared zones kids will learn how to be independent, properly play and work in a group and also will gain an opportunity to practice their physical mobilityshe added.

The main zone, which is the largest building with lots of space for play and learning, thematically refers to the tropical forest. This area is intended for children in age between 3 to 12.

An educational bike path is a place where you can teach your child to ride on two wheels. The route with a simple configuration ensures comfort and safety for the youngest bikers. Your child will learn the rules of moving along the two-lane road, learn how to use the pedestrian crossing and act properly according to traffic light.

In PLAYGROUND ARENA you will also find a zone created for children up to 3 years old. The place is made of delicate and colorful blocks that are to stimulate the artistic imagination. Tunnels and stairs are made of soft material, resistant to moisture,  which ensures safety of the play. The youngest guests of PLAYGROUND ARENA can play in the pool filled with balls or  independently build a route with elements that need to be matched.

The „Ladder Challenge” is one of the toughest attractions on the playground. The task is to pass through the route without touching the ground. This way kids can exercise their coordinations and self-denial in goals achieving. The „Ladder Challenge” is intended for children in age from 5 to 15.

A mini climbing wall is a great opportunity for kids to test their stamina, endurance and mobility. This attraction will help in overcoming the fear of heights and learning perseverance in gola pursuit.

A ship, hidden in the heart of the wildest jungle, awaits the little fans of sea adventures. Trunks with pirate’s gold, ball launchers and mysterious tunnels are some of the attractions that crew will uncover. Your child will have the opportunity to play in the group, practice physical coordination and learn to recognize shapes and colors. This area was created intentionally for kids aged 3-12.

- We are very pleased with the fact that another fun attraction appeared in Fun Arena. Attraction which will enrich our entertainment offersaid Monika Jóźwik, Coordinator for Sightseeing and Attractions at Energa Gdansk Stadium. – Thanks to the PLAYGROUND ARENA, we are strenghtening the position of Fun Arena as the largest entertainment and recreation center in Pomerania she added.