Green Meadows Surrounding the Stadium are Under Way

The first and the most important phase of making the surroundings of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk greener has ended.

In spring we expect beautiful results of the finished works. The escarp surrounding the Stadium and land intended for gravel was covered with vegetation mats. Thanks to their technological advancements we don't have to wait for shoots like in traditional planting. Instead, the area becomes green almost in no time. Possible gaps will be filled in spring (March), when the risk of frost will be lower. Moreover, the employees of Fundacja Łąka (Meadow Foundation) that runs the works, will visit the Stadium once every several weeks throughout the winter, in order to control the condition of plants. Such upkeep will also take place in following seasons.

The tender for the development of the escarp surrounding the Stadium was announced in October by Arena Gdansk - the company that built the Stadium and now conducts ownership supervision on behalf of the City of Gdansk. As part of the development project, the surroundings of the Stadium will be filled with green meadows, herb mats, spindle and Chinese honeysuckle. The selection of plants was based on their resistance to difficult conditions such as great insolation, scarcity of water and slope.