Exhibition of photographs of President Paweł Adamowicz at the Energa Gdańsk Stadium.

In the following days all visitors to the Energa Gdańsk Stadium are welcome to see the exhibition of photographs of President Paweł Adamowicz. Pictures taken by Krzysztof Ignatowicz are placed in the Mixed Zone – a place of high importance at the amber arena, from which players of both teams jointly enter the turf to play a game. The pictures were taken during the “Letnica 3.0” conference.

Paweł Adamowicz was a very important figure to the Energa Gdańsk Stadium. It was him, who on November 30th 2004 wrote to the then-president of the Polish Football Association Michał Listkiewicz: “Considering your effort to secure the right to organize the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, I would like to assure you on behalf of the citizens of Gdańsk, that we are ready to take on the responsibility and honour of co-organizing such a prestigious football celebration” and by that he initialized the story of the Energa Gdańsk Stadium. The president had been seen at Lechia Gdańsk games and many other events at the amber arena – always smiling, eager to talk, open.

We remember his words: “Gdańsk shares good” and we play with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity yet another year and encourage you to bid in the auctions:

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