The Euro 2012 stadium in Gdańsk, renamed as Stadion Energa Gdańsk!
‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ – this is the new title of stadium in Gdańsk Letnica – the biggest sports venue in Pomerania

‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ – this is the new name of the stadium in Gdańsk (former PGE ARENA) – the biggest sports venue in Pomerania. Energa has signed a 5 years contract with Arena Gdańsk Operator (stadium administrator) that refers to the titular sponsorship. Both of companies, along with the City of Gdansk, have also signed a letter of intent to promote the stadium and its premises. 

The cooperation between Energa Group and one of the biggest and the most recognizable sports venues in Poland, which is situated in Pomerania, gives the opportunity to fully benefit from the marketing and business potential of both companies. The stadium, where: four matches of EURO 2012 were held, several hundred sports, recreational and business events were organized will be the showcase of Energa Group for the local community. The company also intends to focus a large number of sports, educational and cultural events around the stadium and its premises of which they are known in region.

Due to the letter of intent of stadium administrator, titular sponsor and the City of Gdańsk, ‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ will not only benefit in terms of new partners, name and logo but also gains a new ‘power’, which will be essential to reach the inhabitants of Pomerania, the whole nation and tourists from other countries with an attractive day-to-day offer.

The goals of the agreement are mutual actions taken by partners that will motivate inhabitants of Tri-City to perform any recreational and sports activity through usage of this particular sports venue and its premises. 

–  The beginning of the cooperation between the local government, the administrator of the biggest sports venue and one of the biggest companies in Pomerania - the company that understands and will help to realize the plans of land usage of the stadium in Gdańsk - is a very good news – said Paweł Adamowicz, the president of Gdańsk – We are strong locally, we can implement new ideas which will be a proof to every man in the world that our city is powerful as well as its inhabitants. Stadiums around the world play a significant role when it comes to society. Here, in Poland, that trend is recognizable and the awareness of existence of the stadium in the urban space as a venue not only intended for sports is growing rapidly. We want to emphasize that, here, in ‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ important events happen, here people do entertain, make businesses, meet friends and celebrities and of course support their home team Lechia Gdańsk. 

Signing a contract is another step in fulfilling the strategy of Energa Group as a national electricity supplier. Due to those actions, the brand will benefit from organization of not only local events, but also spectacular nationwide shows.

– The beginning of cooperation with Arena Gdańsk Operator in Gdańsk is in the spectrum of our business and marketing strategy. As one of the biggest companies in Pomerania that is participating in everyday life of inhabitants we feel socially responsible. We support sport, education and culture events for years now. The benefits analysis of titular sponsorship is showing that it is in a range of our strategy, values, it will contribute to show the initiatives supported by us for years and will guarantee a high level of sponsoring effectiveness – said Andrzej Tersa, board president of Energa S.A.

‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ is one and only sport venue which was built on UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland that signed second titular sponsorship for another 5 years.

– We approach to the growth of the stadium offer much deeper than just to sport, namely recreation and business. Our actions are appreciated around the world. Thanks to the infrastructure and interesting offer we are meeting both local and foreign society expectations but our ambitions reach much further – said Tomasz Kowalski, board president of Arena Gdańsk Operator – In following years we want to develop much faster than ever before. Partnership with Energa Group is really meaningful to us – we have a local partner, who knows us well, knows the market of Pomerania, with whom we can realize our goals – locally and globally.

Energa Group intends to transfer a greater number of supported cultural, sports and recreational events to the stadium where inhabitants of Tri-City and Pomerania are welcomed.

– Already today, I want to invite the youngest inhabitants of Pomerania for a big outdoor icing rink that will be opened soon and declare a development of science center ‘Planeta Energa’ on Stadion Energa Gdańsk – said Andrzej Tersa 

New Image of ‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’

Along with the title, the visual identification of the venue also changes. The new logotype refers to the amber, the symbol of Gdańsk and was an inspiration for the designers. The sign gives the idea of supplying sport and culture with a positive energy. The slogan was also inspired by the same values, namely - MOC WRAŻEŃ (power of emotions, eng.) A video where all key moments of the stadium’s life were shown was also made for the marketing campaign.

About the stadium

‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ is one of the most innovative, multi-functional sports venues. Stadium was opened in 2011 and from that moment is regarded as a recreational, cultural and sports center of Tri-City. Due to the fact that it has so much conferential areas it is also a business potentate. The venue was designed to hold over 40 thousand viewers. The most recognizable indication mark is a tremendous amber facade that refers to the harbor heritage of Gdańsk and an old tradition of gathering, processing and selling of amber. Elevation of the building was made from panels in six different shades of amber and elements of roof’s steel construction refer to the ship’s frame.

From the opening in 2011, ‘Stadion Energa Gdańsk’ was visited by over two million people on the organized football matches, concerts and other social, spots and cultural events.