ARENA RUN on November 7th!

ARENA RUN on November 7th – unique, extreme run on the Gdansk Letnica Stadium. It is the first run in Poland in the form of crossfit steeplechase, which combines two popular forms of extreme running: stairs and various obstacles.

Because of the difficulty level and the steeplechase the event is dedicated to people in very good shape, but all families can cheer on the participants and support them. Indeed, cheering will be needed! Even though the route is only 3.5 km long, all the surprises on the running track will make up for the short distance. The participants will have to handle steep stairs and differences in height that result from the construction of the stadium. The track leads around the stadium and inside it – through stairways and tribunes, where the main part of the run will take place. 6 crossfit challenges are planned for the runners, prepared by one of the Tricity training groups.



The first autumn edition is a prologue and the form of the sporting event, which inaugurates Arena Run 2016 advertising campaign.

The registration office will be open from 8.00 A.M., the run starts at 9.30 A.M.

Register for the event here