The start of Ekstra FAN and Ekstra FAN Ladies - the newest health and sport project

The registration for the seventh edition of Eksta FAN and the fourth edition of Ekstra FAN Ladies has begun and is carried jointly by Energa Gdańsk Stadium, the Gdańsk Health Promotion Center and ERGO ARENA. The partners of projects are Tricity sports clubs such as Lechia Gdańsk, Trefl Gdańsk, Trefl Sopot and Wybrzeże Gdańsk. Their common goal is to encourage sports fans to change their eating habits and to make them fall in love with physical activity.
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Participants will take part in 24 training sessions prepared by experts, who have worked with Tricity sports stars on a daily basis. Additional 12 meetings will be held with dieticians, psychologists, and specialists in the field of physical activities. The whole project will take place at the Energa Gdańsk Stadium, in the ERGO ARENA Hall, and at the other Tricity's sports facilities. During the 12-week program, participants will not only face many challenges and opportunities to work on their weaknesses but also will gain enormous satisfaction and support from a group of their new friends. 

The organizers invite women and men aged 35-60 with the BMI above 28, who want to work both on their figure, stamina, physical condition as well as the correct dietary behaviors. However, not only the formal criteria are important.

- A strong motivation to change your entire lifestyle is extremely important as soon as the recruitment stage starts - explains Wojciech Dąbrowski, Communication and CSR Director at Energa Gdańsk Stadium. - We can guarantee all participants the support of experts - dieticians and trainers - but their commitment to meetings and relentless pursuit of the goal will be crucial for success. 

- I am glad that thanks to the involvement of the clubs in ERGO ARENA participants of previous editions of Ekstra FAN projects can now benefit from more varied workouts. Joint classes with trainers and players of Trefl Gdańsk, Trefl Sopot, and Gdańsk Wybrzeże will surely bring participants closer to such disciplines as volleyball, basketball, and football - emphasizes Magdalena Sekuła, President of ERGO ARENA.

The program is not only an opportunity to improve eating habits but also to the quality of life:

- Regular physical activity helps reduce stress and lower the metabolic age - says Marek Jankowski, director of the Gdańnsk Health Promotion Center. - It also counteracts hypertension, a serious civilization disease, for which overweight people are particularly susceptible. 

Registration lasts until February 21st. After participants will conduct medical and dietary consultations, aimed to verify the applications, they will be assigned to one of two groups: women's and men's, 30 people each. Participation in the project is free and the meeting will be held twice a week. 

So far, six editions of the male version of Ekstra FAN were held, and due to the great interest last year for the first time two edition of the project dedicated for the ladies had been organized: Ekstra FAN Ladies. Over two hundreds of project's graduates, thanks to their active participation in meetings, lost an average of 5 kilos, lower their waist measurement by almost 10 centimeters and decreased their biological year by 5 years. 

More information and organizational details can be found on a website and on organizers websites.