Come to us, hire, steer! On over 500m2 you will get familiar with a form of entertainment which is getting more and more popular in Poland. The one and only fleed consisted of over 40 remotely controlled vehicles’ models in the scale of 1:10 to 1:16, at national level.

Do you like speed? There are drift and race zones for you. If you prefer precision, steer mini trucks or tanks. In case you are under 6 years old, you probably can not read this information. But… there’s a chance that your parents will read it aloud to you. When elders will be steering models, you won’t be bored. Traditional toys are waiting for you too.

The only mock-up in Poland, in the scale of 1:14, which depictures downtown. On the toytown, there have been placed modern buildings, meandering streets and... its own lighting. Even though we are the only venture on this scale in Poland, we treat every guest individually, because we think that each one of our visitors is special.

We organize birthdays, team building parties, individual activities, events for schools and formal groups.

We offer also various value gift cards.

Ride by selected model
  10 min every next 5 minutes
Monday – Thursday
High days and summer holidays are not included
18 PLN 6 PLN
Friday – Sunday 
and high days and summer holidays
20 PLN 7 PLN

Using your own electric car on our go-kart circuit for 60 minutes  15
1-hour ticket (4 models x 15 minutes) – for one person 90

Send us an e-mail: kontakt@planetarcpl or call +48 570 121 444.
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