ZOLTAR Apokalipsa

The largest electronic paintball arena in the Tricity!

The participants of the game, equipped with a rifle and a waistcoat covered with sensors, which count and signal if somebody has been hit, can test their reflexes and skills in a true maze at the "ZOLTAR Apokalipsa"! Electronic paintball gives unlimited possibilities of games, without the need of leaving the battlefield after being hit once. A greater dynamic of the game is provided by the possibility to introduce respawn (renewal of life) in your own base and there will not be the situations where a hidden sharp-shoot stays in their hideout throughout the whole game.

Approximately 700 m2 of surface area, with mezzanines and additional levels, will enable as many as 14 persons to take part in the game simultaneously.

Ticket prices: Monday - Thursday
  0.5h 1.0h 2.0h
2-6 people 25 PLN 38 PLN 58 PLN
7-14 people 20 PLN 35 PLN 55 PLN
>14 people 20 PLN 33 PLN -
EURO 26/student ID 20 PLN 30 PLN 50 PLN
Ticket prices: Friday - Sunday
  0.5h 1.0h 2.0h
2-6 people 28 PLN 40 PLN 70 PLN
7-14 people 25 PLN 38 PLN 65 PLN
>14 people 20 PLN 36 PLN -
EURO 26/student ID 25 PLN 34 PLN 60 PLN

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us: recepcja@pitstop-gdansk.pl or +48 733 870 870 orhttps://www.facebook.com/zoltarfunarena