The ESCAPEROOMS is a live escape game which has been extremely popular in European capitals - London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Athens and Berlin. The task seems to be simple – you should escape from a closed room within 60 minutes. Achieving it proves to be much harder. In the rooms there are many objects, codes and hidden instructions - they can all help in the escape.

In Gdańsk, there are 6 games-rooms with different themes: The Room of The Lost Child, The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted - the laboratory of a mad scientist, The Office of John Monroe – the office of an English detective, The Amber Room.

Ticket prices
Number of people Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday, holidays
2 people 78 PLN (PLN 2x39) 98 PLN (PLN 2x49)
3 people 105 PLN (PLN 3x35) 117 PLN (PLN 3x39)
4 people 128 PLN (PLN 4x32) 140 PLN (PLN 4x35)
5 people 150 PLN (PLN 5x30) 165 PLN (PLN 5x33)

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