The stadium attractions are concentrated in the FUN ARENA, which covers more than 9 thousand square metres of a new zone in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk, and they constitute the expanded offer of one of the most beautiful arenas in Europe. Moreover, the stadium provides a lot of additional attractions - some of them are subject to a charge and some are not. The multifunctionality of the facility is confirmed by our offer prepared for children, teenagers, families as well as seniors. We invite you to learn more about the ways of spending your free time at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk.


Bungee jumping is fun for people with courage of a lion. Going up is a great attraction in itself, because you can see the Stadion Energa Gdańsk from the perspective of Zieleniak in Gdańsk – which is as high as 70 meters. But going up is only the start of the way towards the emotions – the jump is an injection of adrenaline incomparable to anything else.

Price list
Single jump 140 PLN
Tandem jump (two people at the same time) 280 PLN
Pictures or a video from the GoPro Hero camera 30 PLN
Pictures + video 80 PLN

If you want to learn more about this attraction, call us:+48 697 114 000

More details you can find at: or

The second stadium PitStop go-kart track is available on a covered space of more than 3600 m2 and nearly 2000 m2 of external surface.

There, you can drive in one of sixteen modern, electrical go-karts with 6 power levels suited to the drivers' experience.

The new fleet also includes a tandem model, enabling disabled persons (under the custody of an instructor) and children (under the custody of their parents) to take part in go-kart races.

The use of this modern equipment makes the driving even more pleasant due to the limited noise and lower exhaust gas emission.

Electrical go-karts also let us adjust the speed to the skills of the participants, manage the equipment from a distance and set up identical parameters in all karts taking part in the race.

Ticket prices - SINGLE RACE (race time - 8 minutes)
  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
Normal 35 PLN 40 PLN
Student ID  32 PLN 36 PLN
Driver Card -10% 32 PLN 32 PLN
Driver Card -20% 28 PLN 32 PLN


Ticket prices - TANDEM RACE (race time - 8 minutes)
  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
Normalny 45 PLN 55 PLN


Ticket prices - TANDEM RACE (race time - 15 minutes)
  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
Normalny 75 PLN 95 PLN

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us:  or call +48 733 870 870

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Come to us, hire, steer! On over 500m2 you will get familiar with a form of entertainment which is getting more and more popular in Poland. The one and only fleed consisted of over 40 remotely controlled vehicles’ models in the scale of 1:10 to 1:16, at national level.

Do you like speed? There are drift and race zones for you. If you prefer precision, steer mini trucks or tanks. In case you are under 6 years old, you probably can not read this information. But… there’s a chance that your parents will read it aloud to you. When elders will be steering models, you won’t be bored. Traditional toys are waiting for you too.

The only mock-up in Poland, in the scale of 1:14, which depictures downtown. On the toytown, there have been placed modern buildings, meandering streets and... its own lighting. Even though we are the only venture on this scale in Poland, we treat every guest individually, because we think that each one of our visitors is special.

We organize birthdays, team building parties, individual activities, events for schools and formal groups.

We offer also various value gift cards.

Ride by selected model
  10 min every next 5 minutes
Monday – Thursday
High days and summer holidays are not included
18 PLN 6 PLN
Friday – Sunday 
and high days and summer holidays
20 PLN 7 PLN

Using your own electric car on our go-kart circuit for 60 minutes  15
1-hour ticket (4 models x 15 minutes) – for one person 90

Send us an e-mail: kontakt@planetarcpl or call +48 570 121 444.
More informations:

The track can hold 12 go-karts which can run at 70 km/h.

In addition to traditional tyres, the track is secured by special plastic barriers which not only makes the fun safe, but also smoother.

The drivers have 16 state-of-the-art, Swedish go-karts, with nearly 10KM power each, at their disposal.

Ticket : Monday - Thursday
  8 minutes 15 minutes
Normal 35 PLN 60 PLN
Student ID 32 PLN 54 PLN
Card -10% 32 PLN 54 PLN
Card -20% 28 PLN 48 PLN
Ticket prices: Friday - Sunday
  8 minutes 15 minutes
 Normal 40 PLN 70 PLN
 Student ID 36 PLN  63 PLN 
 Card -10% 36 PLN 63 PLN 
 Card -20% 32 PLN 56 PLN 
Price of tickets (July/August):
Monday - Friday 11:00 – 21:00
Saturday, Sunday 10:00 – 22:00

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us:  or call +48 733 870 870

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The vantage point gives the possibility to see the interior of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk to people who do not have time to visit the whole facility

Buying an entry ticket to the stadium guarantees unforgettable views to the green of the pitch from the top stands of the stadium in Gdańsk. The tickets for the vantage point authorize you to enter sector 14, situated under the dome of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk.

Price of tickets
Regular 10 PLN
Discount (pupils, students, pensioners, allowance recipients) 5 PLN
Family (up to 4 people) 20 PLN
Group (more than 15 people) 5 PLN
Opening hours
October - April
May - August
10.00 - 19.00
10.00 - 16.00
10.00 - 20.00

To get to know more about this attraction write to us: or call +48 58 76 88 444

The attraction is unavailable 24 hours before the mass event and in the day of the event, sorry for the inconvenience!

Attention! Since September 2018, zip-line will not be available until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The zip-line at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk is a crazy downhill drive on a 200 metres-long line extended between the stands at the height of more than 30 meters! It is a unique opportunity to see the amber-coloured stadium from a completely different perspective.

Ticket prices
Normal 30 PLN
Discount 25 PLN
Group (more than 15 people) 20 PLN
Family 70 PLN
Opening hours
Sunday 11:00 – 16:00
24h prior to the mass event and when it is in progress closed

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us: or call +48 733 870 870

The ESCAPEROOMS is a live escape game which has been extremely popular in European capitals - London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Athens and Berlin. The task seems to be simple – you should escape from a closed room within 60 minutes. Achieving it proves to be much harder. In the rooms there are many objects, codes and hidden instructions - they can all help in the escape.

In Gdańsk, there are 6 games-rooms with different themes: The Room of The Lost Child, The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted - the laboratory of a mad scientist, The Office of John Monroe – the office of an English detective, The Amber Room.

Ticket prices
Number of people Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday, holidays
2 people 78 PLN (PLN 2x39) 98 PLN (PLN 2x49)
3 people 105 PLN (PLN 3x35) 117 PLN (PLN 3x39)
4 people 128 PLN (PLN 4x32) 140 PLN (PLN 4x35)
5 people 150 PLN (PLN 5x30) 165 PLN (PLN 5x33)

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us: lub zadzwoń +48 739 094 852

More details you can find at: oraz

Over 1000m2 on which you can jump on trampolines, do parkour and enjoy calisthenics!

The park full of trampolines in which you can learn how to be a real acrobat. Jump from the 4-metre height and land on the air pillow, learn how to somersault on air track, jump safely on the pool filled with sponges! The first in Poland permanent parkour zone: hard and soft obstacles with the labyrinth of pipes were you can learn how to overpass a track full of obstacles in a fast and effective way.

Come and spend great time with friends! Take your students for PE classes or organise a birthday party!

Package classes for children, teenagers and adults run by professional coaches!

TimeParkour  Parkour Trampolines Calisthenics OPEN (All zones)
30 MIN - PLN 20/15 - PLN 30/25
60 MIN PLN 20/15 PLN 25/20 - PLN 35/30
NO LIMIT (all day) PLN 35/25 PLN 40/35 PLN 15/10 PLN 55/45
Group of 6 persons (all day, without coach) - - - PLN 35 / person
4 entries (classes with a coach) PLN 110
8 entries (classes with a coach) PLN 190
"Movement VIP” - 10 entries PARKOUR NO LIMIT (monthly pass, open entries) PLN 120
OPEN NO LIMIT (monthly pass, unlimited entires) PLN 200
OPEN NO LIMIT (monthly pass, open entries, classes with a coach) PLN 290
Classes with coach (60 min) PLN 35

For further information please contact us at:  or call +48 798 798 882

More details you can find at:

Almost 1,500 square meters intended exclusively for children. The most modern and the newest playground. An eventful rainforest full of adventures.

The largest structure, lots of science, most fun! Between areaways, you will come across a ship, spider's web, bicycle path, zip-line and other attractions.

Jump on the ship and become an adventurer! Trunks with pirate gold, ball shooter… and a secret mission are waiting for a ship crew! Remember - only a captain may command the steering wheel!

Teach your kid how to ride a bike! Your child will be more likely to cycle in the future because of our super route and its simple configuration.

This part of playground is built of colorful blocks, ramps, and tunnels. At the end of the way every child can dive into the pool full of balls. Fun for kids is guaranteed. All amounts of their energy will stay in this place.

Do you know the 'Earth is Burning' game?! That's great because your child will face the challenge of going through the whole track without touching the ground! A question arises: how many attempts will be necessary to achieve this goal?!

We organize birthday parties. Our offer is directed towards kindergarten and school groups. We comprehensively deal with organizing children's meetings. We relieve your kids' time!

Godziny otwarcia
Mon-Thu 10:00-20:00
Fri-Sun 10:00-21:00

*We can take reservations for remaining hours.

Individual Price Schedule
  1h 2h no limit Przekroczona minuta
Mon-Thu 15 zł 20 zł 25 zł 0,25
Fri-Sun 20 zł 25 zł 30 zł 0,30

Babysitting: 1h = 14,99 zł per person

Prices for Schools (for groups larger than 15, price per 1 child)

  1h 2h
Mon-Fri 9,99 13,99

Contact us if you want to know more about this attraction. Send an e-mail: or call  +48 733 843 843

Here you can find more informations about this playground:

The Lechia Gdańsk Museum is not only the history of a football club. You can see there exhibits related to football, but also other disciplines – cycling, weightlifting, rugby, athletics or tennis – in which the athletes represented Lechia over the years.

Among the exhibits there are also, among others, models of both stadiums – at Traugutta 29 Street and Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1 Street, a replica of the Cup of Poland won in 1983 and the Poland Championship cups which were won by the White-Green juniors.

The museum has collected approximately 1600 exhibits.

Price of tickets
Normal 5 PLN
Discount ticket 3 PLN
On the day of the match from the gate opening till half an hour before the start of the match
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday 10 am – 2 pm
On the day of the game from the opening to 30 minutes before the game begins.

If you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us: or call +48 58 768 84 45

The tour of the stadium includes spots which cannot be seen when we come to watch a match. After seeing the exciting attractions of FUN ARENA, the trips will be conducted to: the players' locker rooms, conference hall in which the teams' trainers appear before and after the matches, stadium chapel, mixed zone, namely the place from which the team players go out to the pitch.

The sportsmen zone is only a part of the tour, which lasts nearly an hour. The stadium tour also includes a visit to the VIP boxes and The ATOM CLUB restaurant. Visiting the stadium finishes in the T29Sports Bar & Restaurant – the largest fan pub in Poland.

Price of tickets:
Normal 21 PLN
Discount (pupils, students, pensioners, allowance recipients) 15 PLN
Family (up to 4 people) 42 PLN
Children under 4 years of age Free entrance
Group (more than 15 people) 17 / 14 PLN
Stadium Tours: Individual or in a group
01.10 - 30.04 Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 – 16:00
01.05 - 30.09 Monday - Sunday 10:00 – 18:00
24h prior to the mass event and when it is in progress
(e.g. Lechia and national team game)
Stadium tours begins at the following hours:
10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30; 13:00, 14:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00

To get to know more about this attraction write to us: or call +48 58 76 88 444

The attraction is unavailable 24 hours before the mass event and in the day of the event, sorry for the inconvenience!

The largest electronic paintball arena in the Tricity!

The participants of the game, equipped with a rifle and a waistcoat covered with sensors, which count and signal if somebody has been hit, can test their reflexes and skills in a true maze at the "ZOLTAR Apokalipsa"! Electronic paintball gives unlimited possibilities of games, without the need of leaving the battlefield after being hit once. A greater dynamic of the game is provided by the possibility to introduce respawn (renewal of life) in your own base and there will not be the situations where a hidden sharp-shoot stays in their hideout throughout the whole game.

Approximately 700 m2 of surface area, with mezzanines and additional levels, will enable as many as 14 persons to take part in the game simultaneously.

Ticket prices: Monday - Thursday
  0.5h 1.0h 2.0h
Normalny 25 PLN 40 PLN 70 PLN
Student ID 22 PLN 34 PLN 58 PLN
Ticket prices: Friday - Sunday
  0.5h 1.0h 2.0h
Normal 30 PLN 44 PLN 78 PLN
Student ID  25 PLN 39 PLN 68 PLN

f you want to learn more about this attraction, write to us: or +48 733 870 870 or

Private and company events

At FUN ARENA, you can also organize an unforgettable family meeting for your loved ones or prepare an exciting entertainment and integration for your company's employees.

Rich and diversified infrastructure of the stadium enables to organize unusual corporate events, e.g. banquets, celebrations of special occasions announcement of contest results or finals of loyalty and motivation programs for Customers, but also integration events for employees or commercial partners.

At the end of the successful business meetings, you can have a football match on the real stadium turf or a concert at the stage located on the Stadion Energa Gdańsk car parks. Any attraction offered by the stadium or their combination can be a part of the entertainment program: zip line, competitions on roller skating track, kart races or specially adjusted visiting of the stadium with a guide.

We offer a full sports infrastructure (locker rooms, biological regeneration), conference rooms together with the restaurant of ATOM Club, VIP boxes, car parks and receptions. We ensure the appropriate equipment: professional amplification system and special lighting (e.g. romantic lights at the restaurant, searchlights in the external area). We guarantee excellent and original cuisine, which will satisfy variety of tastes and professional service.


We will do our best to create a unique and magical atmosphere, which will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests or employees. We provide overall organization of events. We will assist you in the menu selection; we will choose the appropriate location, the scenario of the event, the artistic and musical setting. Our experience and qualified personnel guarantee that each ceremony will have a unique character.


If you want to learn more write to us:: or call +48 58 768 84 63

The wedding photo sessions are a unique occasion to capture in an extraordinary way, this most important day in the newly-wed's life in the amber-colored stadium. The young couples, who are the Lechia Gdańsk Football Club supporters or lovers of sports facilities, can admire the beautiful views of the stadium. The main points of the photographic session in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk are: the VIP boxes, ATOM Club restaurant, locker rooms, and stands and, first of all, the heart of the stadium – its turf.

We offer the following photographic sessions:

Quick Kiss
  • You can make use of the most interesting infrastructure items of the stadium, except for its turf
  • Duration: up to 1.5 h
  • Price: 300 PLN
Green Kiss
  • You can make use of the most interesting infrastructure items, including the turf
  • Duration: up to 2 h
  • Price: 600 PLN

Apart from the wedding sessions, wedding receptions and civil wedding ceremonies in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk, there is also a possibility to say "YES" in the stadium chapel, which was consecrated by the Archbishop of Gdańsk, Sławoj Leszek Głódź.

If you want to learn more write to us:: or call +48 58 768 84 63

Also in FUN ARENA ...

FUN ARENA it is also a set of smaller attractions and facilities that will make your stay at the Stadium even more interesting.

The model of the ball at the square in front of the stadium is a souvenir of the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. The ball Tango 12 used during the Championship was made by Adidas. The visual appearance of the ball refers to the Tango model of the World Cup of 1978, which became a model on which all balls of the subsequent World and Europe Championships up to Euro 2000 were based. The special images refer to the folk culture and the national colors of Poland and Ukraine.

A mezzanine overlooking the zone of trampolines can host even up to 60 people in comfortable conditions. There is a plasma TV – 50" and the amplification system on the mezzanine.

It is an ideal place for the indoor events with the catering.

The rollerdrome with the system of time measurement and a chip rental centre in the office of the FUN ARENA.

The professional rollerdrome around the Stadion Energa Gdańsk is a unique place, where you can practise any sport discipline. The track is covered with a bituminous surface, and the connection with the cycling network of the Tri-city area makes the stadium also be easily accessible by bicycle.

Apart from the daily recreational activities, the track is used for the organisation of professional competitions, among others, the Lech Wałęsa's August Marathon.

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 22:00
In the course of public events closed

T29 Sports Bar & Restaurant is a special place meant for sports fans. It was established for all who want to experience great sport emotions and spend time in a special place with exceptional atmosphere. T29 Sports Bar & Restaurant is open 7 days a week.

In a two-level premises, at more than 800m2, we have 39 large screen TV sets, ensuring top-level entertainment. Its interior design strictly relates to the history and tradition of Lechia Gdańsk and alludes to the name of the pub. The most magnificent part of the interior is two huge murals, – each of 80m2 – where in an artistic manner the panorama of the stadium at Traugutta 29 has been presented.

More information at
Reservations +58 768 83 60

This is a room for private events, equipped with billiards, separate amplification system, 55"plasma-screen, comfortable sofas for 15 people for presentations as well as private and company meetings.


Near the entrance of FUN ARENA you will meet a small lion Hewelion that is waiting for all visitors of Energa Gdańsk Stadium. Hewelion is the main character of the project Lions of Gdańsk run by Gdańsk Tourist Organisation in cooperation with the City of Gdańsk and several other entities.

Lions situated in different parts of the city create a tourist route in which Lions of Gdańsk recommend places in Gdańsk that are worth visiting. You can also install a free application iLEO and then hear the history of Gdańsk and particular places or sights told by the Lions. Thanks to the iBeacon technology users who are in the Stadium get a notification in their mobile phones about Hewelion, a small lion, and can hear its story about Gdańsk.

The Racing Cafe has been equipped with more than ten tables, a bar and the TV sets which show current results of the races taking place at the electrical go-kart tracks, as well as video and music. And in the bar: hot ciabatta, roasted baguettes, small snacks such as, popcorn and nuts, freshly squeezed juices, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, as well as coffee, tea, energy drinks and beer.

In addition, the guests will also be able to purchase additional articles, including, among others, trophies for the players. In the summer, at the Racing Cafe, there is also an outdoor seating - you can enjoy its offer while sitting at a table or resting on a deckchair.

Simulators zone is 4 positions for virtual races. The simulators with 3D 32" monitors, steering wheels Logitech G27 and rally seats.

Great emotions for both the players and the audience. The scored races on the most famous routes are a part of the events.

Two tournament tables for table football. Air hockey court. Two darts positions. 3 positions for the Microsoft Kinect virtual competitions. Board and skill games.

This is only small a small part of additional activities that can be arranged during an integration meeting.

Mariusz Waras is a well-known street artist and designer who has created projects for clients all over the world. One of the most interesting images, painted on a non-standard backing, is Kimi Raikkonen's racing car, which impresses not only the drivers. One of the most interesting images, painted on a non-standard backing, is Kimi Raikkonen's racing car, which impresses not only the drivers.

In July 2014, Mariusz Waras's projects appeared at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk.
“I worked on the concept of the murals at the Energa Gdańsk Stadium for almost a year, so you can say that the design was being created for a very long time, but I hope that the effect, which I am very satisfied with, has been worth of this time” – says Mariusz Waras, the author of the murals - “Having consulted the Operator, I decided that the Lions are the most recognizable symbol of Gdańsk and the stadium together. Why are they mechanical? It is an element typical of most of my works. This is where the industrial- mechanical motives come from. Gdańsk is associated with shipyard industry, which was one of inspirations”.