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Escaperooms is the first real life escape game in Poland. Have you ever played an escape game on the internet? Have you seen the movie Saw? Well its quite like that.



Escaperooms is a game of a live escape type, breaking records of popularity in European capitals - London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Athens or Berlin. The task seems to be simple – you should escape from a closed room within 60 minutes. Achieving it proves to be much harder. In the rooms there are many objects, codes and hidden instructions - they can all help in the escape. In Gdańsk, four game-rooms of diverse subject matter have been prepared - The Amber Room - the secret of amber room, the Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted – laboratory of a crazy scientist, the Office of John Monroe – office of an English detective, the Room of The Lost Child.




Monday - Thursday

No. of Persons


2 people

78 PLN (PLN 2x39)

3 people

105 PLN (PLN 3x35)

4 people

128 PLN (PLN 4x32)

5 people

150 PLN (PLN 5x30)

Friday- Saturday - Sunday and holidays

No. of Persons


2 people

98 PLN (PLN 2x49)

3 people

117 PLN (PLN 3x39)

4 people

140 PLN (PLN 4x35)

5 people

165 PLN (PLN 5x33)



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