Technical equipment

To be successful, each presentation, meeting or lecture, apart from a well-prepared speaker, also requires reliable equipment, which will always work properly to fulfill the speaker's needs and which will always be at hand.

In the Stadion Energa Gdańsk you do not need to worry whether everything works as it should. You do not even have to think about this – we will take care of the technical equipment. Additionally, we will propose such solutions and opportunities to use the highest quality ICT equipment installed in the stadium that your guests will be greatly impressed when leaving the room.

Projection system and multimedia

  • Professional, Full HD, wide-screen projectors with high brightness produced by Christie company, designed for multimedia presentations (equipped with HDMI and VGA connections)
  • High resolution epidiascopes (it displays images on a wall or projection screen)
  • Full HD LCD monitors by Sharp 
  • 4 Daktronics big screens with the total area of 70 m2 , each placed over the stands 
  • Full HD camera (it enables to transmit live images)
  • Digital Signage and IPTV systems (they enable to make and manage the multimedia content shown on hundreds of LCD monitors and big screens)
  • Lecterns, platforms, tables and flipcharts
  • Controlling the audio visual equipment and lighting system by the use of the AMX touch panel 
  • Wi-Fi wireless network

Sound system

  • JBL system is adapted to the volume of each room
  • Top class, wireless AKG microphones

The lighting system

  • The automated lamp system three with light intensity modes (it is controlled centrally or individually)


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