Exceptional Dinner of Chefs

161 of participants, 14 chefs, 1 charitable goal

On winter evening on 5th of January on Stadion Energa Gdańsk took place the first dinner from planned cycle - Dinner of Chefs. The meeting is part of the action Serce Do Garów, which the main goal is to show passion to kitchen and to persuade people to help others.

Despite of the snowstorm exactly 161 people showed. 12 chefs from Tricity with a little help from 2 special guests prepared 7 sophisticated dishes like goose liver, salted pigeon with topinambur or vanilla mouse.

Part of the income was transfered to Kawałek Nieba Foundation from Rumia, the foundation helps financing meals for the poorest children.

The action ended with a great succes so the organizers have already announced continuation.


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